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With more than a decade of sales and customer service experience, Derek is a valued leader of our Sales team. Since 2015 he has served as a dedicated sales and account manager for CIT Electronics. His extensive knowledge of the company's products and services has consistently allowed him to be a top performer and foster strong relationships with clients.

One of his greatest assets to our company is his fluency in Spanish, which enables him to effectively communicate with Spanish-speaking customers and provide them with exceptional service. He has also traveled to several different countries to visit clients and cultivate new business relationships.

Outside of work, he is a proud family man, married with three wonderful children. He enjoys outdoor sports, such as mountain biking, golf, and ultra endurance events.


Emanuel Cordova is a valuable member of our committed and dedicated sales team at CIT Electronics. With over five years of experience in sales, he has demonstrated outstanding skills in providing exceptional customer service and achieving increasingly higher goals in his career.

His dedication and commitment are not limited to work as he balances his career with an enriched personal life. Emanuel is a proud husband and soon-to-be father, and his love for his family is evident in everything he does. He always finds time to enjoy his hobbies, such as going to the movies and dancing, and also maintains an active lifestyle with his love for sports and the local cuisine of his native Peru.


As a valued member of the Sales Team, Miguel's breadth of experience with our products and services is a strong asset. He has been working at CIT Electronics since 2015. Over the years he also had the pleasure of working in multiple departments including the Repair, Inventory, and eBay Departments. He enjoys learning new skills and being able to contribute his experience to various areas of the business.

Miguel is married with three kids, and they keep him on his toes! But in all seriousness, being a husband and a dad is one of the greatest joys of his life. When he's not spending time with his family or working, you can usually find him on the soccer field. He's a huge fan of the sport, and he loves playing and watching it whenever he can. There's something about the thrill of the game that just can't be beat.

All in all, he is grateful for the opportunities he has had at CIT and the experiences he has gained. He looks forward to seeing what the future holds both in and out of the workplace.